Kyo Rin Shotokan Karate

Kyo Rin Shotokan Karate Do Association India

Member. American Jka International,

(Kyorin) Registered in Government of India,

Ministry of Micro. (SMSE), & Society Act. 1860,

S Jasbir Singh


Sensei Harpreet Kaur

General Secretary

Sensei Harmeet Singh


Shihan Kuldeep Singh

Chief Instructor & Tech Director

Kyo Rin Shotokan Karate-do Association India

KyoRin Means Maintaining the Energy and Strength of Your Body and Mind.

The Whole aim of “Kyo Rin Shotokan Karate-do Association India” is to Conduct Training Seminars, Self Defence Camps and Tournaments on District, State and National Level as well as the School and University Level.

By conducting these different activities we help the youth of our country to focus on their life aims and be physically and Mentally Active and to stay away from the Menace of Drugs.

KyoRin Shotokan is Registered Under the act 1860 of Society Registration by the Ministry of corporate affairs of Indian Government and Registered under Udhyam registration “MSME” as a Non-profitable society for the development and expansion of Sports Karate in India.

The Sole Motto of this society is to teach this Great Art of Karate to poor children’s specially Girls Totally Free of Cost, so they can be successful in the field of Karate and in their Life.

Where Millions of people are learning and participating in the Great art of Karate, We at KyoRin Association make sure that they perform well at the District, State and National Level as well as the School and University Level and win Medals.

Thanks & Regards.